I offered to do a session with Hayden because she was being teased by some neighborhood children for having a feeding tube. She even went so far as trying to cut out the tube to avoid being different! We wanted to help her celebrate who she was and what she was capable of, so we […]

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  • Markus Wilken - Dear Hayden,

    thank you for sharing your photo´s with us. This is a very special Chrismas present for all the super tubbies around the world. I was honored to work with so may little super tubby heros around the world. And a lot of girls were so anxious showing there tube, at the beach or the swimming pool. You give them so much strength. I will share your picture with some of your alley´s in the US, Europe, Africa, New Zealand and Australia if you don´t mind. Send love to mum and the photographer as well. Thank you for sharing as well. Can´t wait for your next series, maybe you won’t need a tube then anymore.

    Markus Wilken

The Alldredge family was seriously so much fun to work with! Mom and Dad had come to Oahu to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, and we got some family pictures while they were out here. It was really an enjoyable session. We went down to my favorite beach, where Patrick, Adam, and Tyler quickly wormed […]

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